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The Ivor Bittle website.


This website is for those who think that it is worth understanding how a mechanical device works before it is designed.


It is about topics that have interested me to the point where I think that I have something useful to say that fits in with recognised science.


They are :-

Section 1: Books


1.1  A textbook on fluids for use by mechanical engineers

1.2  The R C Racing Yacht Explained

1.3         The physics of sailing:version 2

1.4         Understanding and making a model of a Thames sailing barge


Section 2: Articles


2.1  The miniature steam plant fired by gas,

2.2  The model paddle wheel

2.3   How a screw propeller works

2.4  Scale speed, stability and prop selection for scale model boats

2.5  The bow wave

2.6  The wing-sailed yacht

2.7  Making sense of aerofoils

2.8 Making human figures for model boats

2.9 First timers guide to setting up a metre boat

2.10 A model air-cushioned vehicle for use on water

2.11 Weight control for the thinking man

2.12 How to locate the fin and the mast of a model yacht

2.13 The second air cushion craft A model ferry

2.14 Why a sail is not a wing


This website is free and, if you have any comment, my

         email address is


This website will be maintained on the web in its current form.


I have prepared second editions of my textbook on fluids and the book on the Thames sailing barge as Word files. This format is much easier to read than the html format.


In the fluids text book I have made some changes that follow from feeding some of the work in later chapters back into earlier ones. Corrections have been made as is necessary and many diagrams re-worked to make them clearer to read. I have added a comprehensive index giving every section in the book and linked this to the chapters that each have a table of contents linked to the sections. The book is much easier to use.


The book on the Thames sailing barge has been re-worked wherever possible and linked to make it easier to use. I have added all the pictures I have of sailing barge detail to the sailing barge book.


Both books are available on DVD as follows :-


Fluids text book 25 plus postage and packing.

Book on the Thames sailing barge 20 plus postage and packing.


For either of these books in other storage formats, or for any other information, please contact Tom Bittle at bittletom@gmail.com



Other sections of this site will be available in similar format in due course.