Chapter 13   The flow of gases through pipes and nozzles


This chapter is in four parts.


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Part 1  Introduction to the chapter


          The physical properties of gases

          Compression and expansion of gas


Part 2  Flow of gases in pipes



          The continuity equation applied to steady flow in pipes

          The physics of conveying gas through a pipe

          Worked examples


Part 3 The convergent-divergent nozzle



          The mode of operation of a convergent-divergent nozzle

          Modelling using properties

          Modelling the flow using the Mach number

          Using these expressions

          Assessment of these two methods

          The practical use of convergent and convergent-divergent nozzles __          Steam turbines   Rockets  The supersonic gas turbine engine

          The idea of having a correct back-pressure

          The concept of an efficiency for a nozzle


Part 4  The plane shock wave.


          The plane shock wave

          Velocity ratio and pressure ratio across a shock wave in terms of Mach number

          The behaviour of the flow in a nozzle as the back-pressure is increased

          The mechanics of a shock wave

          Practical consequences of the presence of a plane shock wave


Worked examples on nozzles