A textbook on the use of fluids in mechanical engineering

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Chapter 1       Introduction, the structure of science, basic premises, and systems of units


Chapter 2      Liquids at rest

Chapter 3  †††† The energy equation for liquids

Chapter 4      Flow lines and stable flow patterns

Chapter 5      Examples of the application of the energy equation

Chapter 6      Viscosity

Chapter 7      Friction in pipes

Chapter 8     The loss of head in turbulent flow through pipe-fittings

Chapter 9    The energy equation in power form; parallel pipes; branched pipes; time of emptying

Chapter 10    The flow of liquids in open ducts

Chapter 11    Ship resistance and the concept of model testing

Chapter 12  Dimensional analysis and rational expressions

Chapter 13††† Compressible flow in pipes and nozzles

Chapter 14††† Flow round bodies moving at supersonic speed

Chapter 15††† Swirling flow

Chapter 16††† Lubricated bearings and fluid dampers

Chapter 17††† Unsteady flow of liquids in pipes

Chapter 18††† Introduction to engineering practice

Chapter 19††† The aerofoil

Chapter 20††† The light aeroplane as an application of aerofoils

Chapter 21††† The propeller as an application of the aerofoil

Chapter 22†† Water turbines


Chapter 23†† Reciprocating pumps and other positive displacement pumps


Chapter 24†† Centrifugal pumps


Chapter 25†† The axial-flow fan

Appendix 1 Laboratory exercises